Is legit?

Yes! You can find links to our site at Telemedia's corporate site.
Don't just take our word, check for yourself at

Who can use Online Top-Ups?

Anyone with a VISA or Mastercard can top up online.. Local Belize currency only cards cannot be used.

Do I have to register my credit card to use the service?

Only if you wish to topup via SMS. You are not obligated to register your credit card to topup online.

How do I top up by SMS?

  1. Write a text message with the following format:
    PIN <space> amount <space> Mobile Number.
  2. Example:To topup 12 dollars to the number 6010101, Send the below text where 1234 is the PIN in this example.
    1234 12 6010101
  3. Send the text message from your mobile to '2222'. (Normal SMS charges apply. SMS Bundles can also be used.)
    You will receive a message confirming your top up has been successful. SMS responsetimes will depend on you mobile provider’s response time)
  4. The top-up amount must be between $2 to $500. Topup amounts are limited to whole dollar amounts only.

How much can I top up by SMS?

You can top up maximum BZD 500.00 a day. You will be limited to BZD 50.00 during the 1st 30 day period of your subscription.

What is the maximum amount that I can top up online?

The maximum amount is BZD 500.00 per top-up and up to BZD 500.00 a month. You are limited to BZD 50.00 during the first 30 days of your subscription.

Can I top up for someone else? Yes. Just add his or her number to your profile via the "Update Profile" option after logging in via the website. 

Can I see the amounts I have topped up?

You can review all your purchases by logging into your account via the webpage.

After I made the top-up the money was deducted from my account, but my call credit was not topped up. What do I have to do?

All top-ups are checked against payments on the next working day. Any top-ups which have not been executed will be rectified at that time. You can submit a "Contact Us" message if you have not received your topup by the following working day.

An error message was displayed on the screen during the top-up. What do I have to do?

Submit a "Contact Us" message with the exact error message and transaction details. We will investigate and get back to  you within
24 hrs.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

You can submit a request ticket at any time via the "Contact Us" option.

Why must I answer so many secret questions?

Secret questions are used to verify that you are in fact the legitimate user. These questions are important in order for you to perform sensitive operations such as "Forgot Password".

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click on the "Can't access your account" link on the login page. You must then answer two security questions and provide your username. Your password will be sent to your email address on record.

I forgot my PIN. What do I do?

You can change your PIN at any time by logging into your account and using the "Update Profile" option.

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